Workbench/standing desk, and workspace ideas

A while back, I built a new standing desk using a Seville Classics rolling workbench as a base:

One of the nicest things about the workbench base is all the drawers. Projects that are not being worked on get put into their dedicated drawer. All commonly used tools are in the top drawer in easy reach. When it is time to switch projects, simply put one project away, and get out the next. This approach has greatly decreased desk/lab clutter and it is nice to have a fresh spacious workspace every time I switch tasks. Much better than the old approach with a lot more work-surface where everything was left set up all the time.

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Bench top is just laminated 2x4’s – very solid and nice to work on:

Another thing that really helps with lab organization are Sandusky Value Line 72" Welded Steel Storage Cabinet with 4 Shelves from Staples:

Very reasonably priced and plenty sturdy for electronics stuff. Also Staples delivers for free (or at least they used to).

I print labels for everything in the cabinet and make sure labels are facing out – makes it super easy to store and find lots of stuff. Got this idea from Bob Pease (can’t find the original article).

Here is what it looks like:


Fun to look back at my list of “Things that work!” from 2019 – over 12 years ago!

Some things are the same, some are different. Still like my Steelcase chair – it has held up very well and still feels good to sit in. I typically stand more that half the day now, and the combination of sitting and standing works well. Gitea has replaced Redmine. Now use Workflowy for notes.

Still use Sql-ledger – it has done pretty well, but would like move to something else this year as it seems the project is pretty well dead, and most interest has moved to a fork of the project. Pity the original author could not work with the community. Any suggestions for small business accounting? I need time tracking and invoicing.

Konsole is still my terminal – it is excellent.

I don’t bother with an office phone system anymore – does anyone need a handful of Linksys SPA94x phones? Cellphones, Signal, and Jitsi cover my communication needs.

Printable CEO Time Tracker still works well for tracking time and mapping out my day.

Still use OpenEmbedded on all my embedded Linux projects. We have formalized our build template more in the Yoe Distribution project.

All my servers have moved to cloud VMs. Still have the 1U server around here somewhere if anyone can use that – maybe the case would still be useful?

Overall, I’ve tried to simplify things a lot. Try to have only one set of target hardware on the bench at a time now (or at least that is the goal), and put everything else away when not working on it.