Fastcap Kaizen Foam

Kaizen foam is installed in one drawer of the standing desk:

(Could use a little organization work on top …)

Organizing tools this way gives you surprising density. Before, these tools pretty much covered the entire drawer as they were not laid out optimally.

This approach is part of the Lean Manufacturing approach.

Home Depot has reasonable prices and free shipping for one sheet.

Kaizen foam is built in layers, so it is easy to peel back whatever depth you need:

Cutting in the tools goes really quickly once you do a few. Here are a few videos that go over the process:

The Fastcap long nose marker is useful for marking the foam.

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So over the past few months, I’ve been adding stuff to my tool drawer that I regularly use. I still enjoy the process – trace tool/part with a long nose marker, cut out with knife, and peel out layers – the process is very quick and easy – only takes a minute or two to add a new tool. Really impressed with the tool density. When stuff is organized optimally, you can fit a lot of stuff in one drawer.

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