What is a good monitor for developers?

I’m looking for another monitor for my sit-down workstation. Does anyone have recommendations for monitors that work well for developers (vs gamers)? From the lists I’ve found, it appears IPS monitors are still preferred. Are there any other specs that are important? It appears many of the monitors can be used vertically – that might be handy for coding.

This model looks interesting:

I would also suggest to get 4K resolutions and 27 inches I also prefer two monitors instead of one large one I have dell ones and I have no complaints

Thanks for the input @khem. I have not gone with multiple monitors yet in my workspaces. One person highly recommends three 27" monitors – he has that setup in both his home and work offices and claims you get less neck strain as the center (main) monitor is directly in front of you. However, it seems a similar setup setup is possible with two monitors as well – put one directly in front of you, and then a secondary monitor off to the side that hold reference information, etc.

Stephen Wolfram highly recommends the 2 monitor setup for video calls – one screen to share, and the other for reference information during the call.

I think three monitor idea is good. I see value, because right now, I have them arranged such that I have middle of view with screen frames which is waste of space. With 3 monitors it will not be the problem.

see this thread for what I ended up getting: 4K monitor setup