Typora (markdown editor)

I’ve been using Typora more for editing larger markdown documents such as the TMPDIR handbook. I’m really liking it – has good support for multi-file documents, searching, tables, etc.

Typora has reached 1.0!

It also now costs $15 to license – I’m more than glad to pay that amount for a great app.

One thing Typora is super useful for is converting various documents to markdown. Most anything you paste into Typora gets converted intelligently to Markdown. A couple examples:

Convert Workflowy notes to Markdown list

Say I have a list of notes like the following that I want to paste into a gitlab issue:

To copy a list of notes in Workflowy, expand the entire section, and then highlight the top level node and drag down until the entire section is highlighted blue. Then press Ctrl-C. (it took me awhile to figure this one out!!)

If I then copy and paste directly into Gitlab, I get something like:

But, if I paste into Typora first, and then copy to gitlab issue, I get:

Copy spreadsheet table to markdown

Likewise, if I have a Libreoffice spreadsheet:

and paste the cells directly into a Gitlab issue, I get:

But, if I paste into Typora first, then copy the Typora version to the Gitlab issue, I get:

As developers, so much of our communication is in Markdown (Trello, Github/Gitlab/Gitea issues, Markdown documents, etc). So if we can more easily move rich information into these documents, we can communicate more effectively.

Typora releases keep coming out:

I highly recommend it for markdown editing – especially things like Tables are much easier. I also use Typora to review documents I may be editing in a text editor. It automatically reloads it any time there is a change in the file.

I just noticed that if you hover your mouse at the edge of a table, you can drag rows or columns around to re-arrange things – very neat!