Touchscreen virtual keyboard options

One requirement we often run into with Embedded Linux is the need for a on-screen keyboard for touchscreens. Some options:

(this post is a wiki, so feel free to edit it if you have additional information.)

Most of the really useful add-ons, like the keyboard, for Qt5 and beyond are GPLv3 licensed or require purchasing a license from Qt now. At my previous job we looked heavily at this but couldn’t find a good way around the licensing (we were prohibited from using GPLv3 except in very specific cases which took much explanation).

What about the matchbox keyboard? I recall seeing this maybe 7ish years ago, but never looked into it in detail and I’m not even sure this is the right link: GitHub - xlab/matchbox-keyboard: A mirror of matchbox-keyboard tree + my patches

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Thanks for the matchbox link – I remember that now from way back in the early days of OE in the Poky demo images.

matchbox is jaded. I would not even go there. It still is part of oe-core and on life support due to poky legacy but I don’t know anyone using it in real products. OE-core should think beyond sato and the infra that came along with poky. maemo is long gone and its still living in same era.