Notion (productivity software)

@khem mentioned Notion – I’ve been hearing a lot about this lately, so opened a personal account and looked around a bit. Some notes and comparison to Logseq:

  • Reviewing some of the docs, and it has a lot of similarities with Logseq: Create links & backlinks – Notion Help Center
  • I think notion probably emphasizes flexible content, where logseq emphasizes linking pages and blocks.
  • Notion has tons of different block types, databases, and templates to do all kinds of things.
  • Notion and Logseq use a lot of the same language – pages, blocks.
  • Both have a concept of a “database”, but notion seems more dedicated, where in Logseq, you simply add properties to any block, and then execute datalog queries on them.
  • Logseq is designed to store your data locally. Can use Git, google drive, dropbox, syncthing, etc – anything that syncs files to sync data between devices.
  • Notion gives you an option to download all your data in various formats.
  • Logseq stores as much of your data in Markdown files as it can.
  • Both can generate dynamic content.

Example of a “blog post” someone published in Notion:

I also found this article insightful, basically you need a system to take notes but don’t overdo it, it wont fix your life for you :slight_smile:

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Good article, we must stay focused on producing, as excessive note taking is just another form of consumption.

I also looked into Obsidian, seems a good complement to logseq, it operates on markdown and uses local storage. There are few articles where folks are using same git repo to share md files between these two systems.

Here is a good review

Obsidian excels at creating bidirectional links. Simply, type [[ and Obsidian searches your database or vault and presents suggestions. This type of internal contextual linking dramatically speeds up building personal knowledge or Zettelkästen.

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In the Minimalist Entrepreneur, Sahil mentions they use Notion to run their entire company (Gumroad).