KDE notes/tips

If you like KDE/Plasma like me and use it regularly then this weekly post from Nate is interesting which covers latest developments in KDE world from end user point of view.

Merry 'K’ristmas :slight_smile:

I’ve been liking KDE a lot! Thanks for the pointer to Nate’s blog!

I’ve you’ve not used KDE in recent history – definitely worth a look. Not the bloat-ware it was 10 years ago. Things like audio are well integrated, and Gnome apps (I still prefer Files) still work fine in KDE.

With 3 monitors now, virtual desktops seemed a little less nice for providing a context for different projects/activities. So I started looking into KDE Activities. They are a lot like virtual desktops, but seem a little cleaner. One neat thing is you can select which Activities you want an app to show up in. This allows me to show email in my HM default activity but hide when I’m working on projects to minimize distraction. If I need email for a bit in an activity, I can also enable it for that activity.

KDE has a lot of customizations for activities – one example is the menu favorites can be changed per activity.

@khem running plasma 5.23 here:

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I am also running plasma 5.23 on wayland !!!
this is much better than 5.22, its not as polished yet but its usable.
On laptop which has intel graphics I can not launch brave/chromium browser with ozone/wayland backend it works ok on nvidia card.

One thing that is useful is to to set a window rule to show an app, such as your notes app, in all activities. This can be done by:

  • Window-Rules
    • Window class, Exact Match: WorkFlowy
    • Add Property → Activities: Apply Initially: All Activities