Arch Linux is 20 years old

Arch Linux is 20 years old:

The first release of arch 0.1 Homer was published on a day like today in 2002! As posted by a Reddit user on … rch_linux/

Here’s the official post of that time Arch Linux.

Thanks @khem for noticing this.

I am a regular arch user, my main rigs run arch and I installed my desktop, 4+ years ago, still going strong with same install+updates, pacman and yay are superb packaging tools. its rolling release model is impeccable, I think one day whole S/W industry would be able to consume from top of tree.

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We had installed Arch on a relative’s PC several years ago. It has performed flawlessly since – still boots fast and runs as expected. However, recently Gmail was not working in Chromium – when trying to log in, it would try and then just kick him back out to the log-in screen. Since we rarely update this machine, we ran updates, and then Gmail worked again in Chromium. This illustrates the principle we have been discussing – you are probably best off in most cases running the latest software. Bugs get fixed there first. And beyond bugs, there are hosts of integration issues between complex subsystems and not all these combinations are tested.

Backporting stuff requires huge amounts of effort. In some cases it’s needed, but my Arch experience has taught me that a rolling release is very practical, and for my use case, by far the best.