Zephyr PR Workflow and how it reduces maintainer workload

One thing you will notice in Zephyr PRs is the zephyrbot assigns labels, reviewers, etc. Here is an example:

Asking around on Discord and digging a bit more, there is a MAINTAINERS.yml that a Github Action uses to automatically assign developers to the issue. Some things to note about this workflow:

  • there is a huge stream of issues/PRs pouring into the Zephyr project – this automation greatly reduces the workload of having to assign these issues.
  • there is less chance that a PR will fall through the cracks
  • people don’t have to see and process PRs that are not relevant. Today we are flooded with information, so anything we can do to reduce this deluge helps. This is one reason I rarely participate on OSS project maillists anymore that are mostly patches. As primarily a user, I simply don’t have time to process that many emails from dozens of lists. However, I would be interested in discussions around these projects.