Workaround for running Audacity on Wayland

Audacity is a useful tool for working with Audio. It is kind of like Gimp and Inkscape – tools everyone should have in their kit and be able to use when needed to work with various types of media. Audacity uses wxWidgets, which has some issues with Wayland. I think the KiCad project is facing the same problem. The symptoms are the timeline time tracker does not update, cursor issues, etc. The Audacity project is in the process of switching to Qt/QML.

We are updating the GUI framework to a modern one (QML specifically), hence why this is closed. There is no action to be taken on this specific issue which isn’t just part of the Qt migration.

A workaround (tested on Arch Linux) is to modify your desktop file, and add GDK_BACKEND=x11.

sudo helix /usr/share/applications/audacity.desktop
Exec=env GDK_BACKEND=x11 UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 audacity %F

Is there any earth shattering reason to simply not stick with X11 until all the Wayland issues are sorted out? For me everything just works, I have noticed no issues like you mentioned with KiCad or Audacity.

With Arch, I can install both Wayland and X11, and select which one I want to use on login. I typically run X11 on my workstation (standing desk), and Wayland on my notebook (sitting desk), but I can switch when needs require, but I rarely do.

Wayland is the future, so occasionally I like to step into the the future and give it a try, and perhaps help move things in that direction if I can:

One of my roles is to evaluate new technology and decide how and when to integrate it into projects. Increasingly, we are running Wayland in embedded Linux devices – very few of them run X anymore.