Why we're leaving the cloud

The cloud is a huge convenience and benefit for many. For small applications, renting a cloud shared server is insanely cheap compared to hosting your own. This argument also extends to SAAS services (databases, email, etc). Does it make sense to host my own database, or have someone else do it? For small workloads, it often is much cheaper to put everything (database, webserver, application, etc) on a single cloud server. There is no one size fits all – it’s great to have so many options!


The irony of Basecamp/37signals getting off the cloud is that they offer cloud services to others as their business model :slight_smile:

I agree with you that at various sizes, workloads, and scale, the cloud can be very cost effective. But then at other sizes, workloads, and scale it becomes very not cost effective. Overall I’m very glad we have the public cloud offerings in the market today, it’s another choice available to people and I think that’s good.

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It seems that David realizes this to some degree:

I dream of being able to both buy and sell finished business software products.