Why Everyone Hates Go


I think this is an insightful article – the power of simplicity …

Go is the only recent language that takes the aforementioned 40 years of programming language research and tosses it out the window. Other new languages at least try to keep up with the Jones - Clojure, Scala, Rust - all try to incorporate “modern programming theory” into their design. Go actively tries not to. There is no pattern matching, there’s no borrowing, there’s no pure functional programming, there’s no immutable variables, there’s no option types, there’s no exceptions, there’s no classes, there’s no generics…. there’s a lot Go doesn’t have. And in the beginning this was enough to merely earn it scorn. Even I am guilty of this. When I first heard about Go, I thought “What? No exceptions? Pass.”

But then something happened - people started using it. And liking it. And building big projects with it.

They do have generics now and who knows what’s in store as it grows :smile: