Which IRC client do you use?

Would like to get set up on IRC again – any suggestions which client I should use? I used to use irssi.

I’m a paying customer of irccloud.com. Other than 2 kind of short-ish outages this year, I’ve been very happy with them and will likely renew my subscription next year when it expires.

I used irssi for long time and it worked well for me. The use of perl grew over my liking and I switched to using weechat, it has been working superbly and interactions with tmux is great too. I have also used GUI clients like colloquy ( now disfunct ), Textual, as well as quassel. At times I also use the webclient. But

Thanks for the ideas – running Thunderbird and weechat for now – if I start using more, will consider irccloud.

In our recent podcast, Thomas mentioned the debate in the various communities about using email vs github, irc vs slack, etc. I’ve been using slack more in the Elm and Go communities (20K and 50K members respectively).

Another presentation I saw some time back on IRC:


(adding here for reference – I don’t know enough to agree or disagree with the above).

Appears you can use Element (Matrix) as an IRC client now. I was able to easily add freenode/#oe and then by looking at the channel name, add the #yocto IRC channel as well. This is kind of neat because you can then have matrix and IRC communications in one client. Not sure if Matrix collects IRC activity when the clients are offline, or how registering from multiple clients works …

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can you list the steps to setup IRC in element ?

Below is how I found #oe on freenode – let me know if that does not make sense.

It seems once I set up the connection, matrix tracks conversations even when I’m not connected via element, so I can catch up at any time. Authenticating in freenode via element was also a little tricky. This page has some good info:

I found this handy and switched to using element client as IRC client as well.


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Looks like some churn with freenode:

Seems to be pushing some communities to Matrix: