When Google gives you your own answer

So I’m doing some Go development, and I can’t remember how to have something automatically run Go tests as I type. So I Googled it and the answer that came back was a video I created :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

This illustrates the nature of development work today. We use a lot of tools. It is difficult for some of us to remember everything. It is important to keep good notes so you don’t have to reinvent everything. Ironically, when you share tips/notes online with the intent to share and help others, you are often helping yourself:

  • the concept is more formalized in your mind through writing/speaking a bit
  • Google helps you find them

Now, back to gow test ./client -v -run TestImportNodes. Fast/efficient iterations make a big difference during development, especially when writing tests.

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The worst is when you google a question and the only result is you asking that same exact question years ago, and no one (including yourself) replied with an answer… :slight_smile:

Yeah, been there way too often!