What podcasts do you find helpful?

In the past year or so I’ve been listening to more podcasts in my down time (driving, washing dishes, etc). It is really convenient with the Google podcast app on Android (Apple phones likely have something similar). One interesting thing about podcasts is you tend to get the “why” and a deeper look into motivations, project backstory, and the personal side of what happened – the stuff people typically don’t write about.

Anyway, reply below with podcasts you find helpful and why.

I find the https://changelog.com/ podcasts interesting and helpful. I routinely listen to gotime, changelog, and occasionally others.

Lex Fridman’s podcast appears to be a deep dive into technical topics with interviews of notable people. I’ve only listened one episode thus far.

I listen to Hardcore History by Dan Carlin, https://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/
its very long but very in-depth and I really appreciate the story telling and its full of content. There are only few episodes a year that Dan does. Its pure gold !!

My top two recommendations are the CoRecursive podcast and Software Engineering Daily.

Co-recursive is episodes are always top quality and interesting regardless of the topic. Software Engineering Daily is a veritable flood of episodes, and I can’t keep up! I recommend picking out episodes by topic for that one.

Hi Brian,

Welcome to TMPDIR! Thanks for the podcast pointers – will definitely check them out.


Hi Brian

Good suggestions, I listen to CoRecursive selectively when there are interesting episodes.