WezTerm Notes

While playing with new terminal apps e.g. alacritty, I tried WezTerm

as well, it is written in rust
and seems to be quite developer first approach in design, it does not
claim to be fast and as a developer it might not be what you are looking
for. Alacritty seems to be faster but its not as dev friendly as wezterm IMO
the config is using Lua scripting language, perhaps a good choice for modules
and configs.

Here is my config ( ~/.config/wezterm/wezterm.lua ) so far.

-- Pull in the wezterm API
local wezterm = require 'wezterm'

-- This will hold the configuration.
local config = wezterm.config_builder()

-- This is where you actually apply your config choices

-- For example, changing the color scheme:
config.color_scheme = "Catppuccin Latte"
config.font = wezterm.font 'FiraCode Nerd Font Mono'
-- config.font = wezterm.font('FiraCode Nerd Font Mono', { weight = 'Normal' })

config.hide_tab_bar_if_only_one_tab = true

-- and finally, return the configuration to wezterm
return config
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