Weekly summary 2020-07-27

Past week, the influxdb integration got cleaned up:

  • moved influxDb operations to db package so they are common for all samples
  • added env variable to specify Influx database SIOT_INFLUX_DB
  • added device ID tag to sample data stored in influx

Also have been experimenting with NATS – so far, I’m liking it. Seems like a very flexible model for integrating various parts of an IoT system. Really, an IoT system is just a distributed system so some technologies like NATS can make sense. With even moderately complex problems, edge computing is required and there is communication flowing both ways between cloud and edge. The NATs team values simplicity (meaning it can be deployed without Docker or Kubernetes). Equally important is that it can be embedded in a Go app which fits well with my usecase.

This week I’ll be integrating NATS in a customer project (currently uses HTTPS for reporting), so will report back how that goes.