TMPDIR Projects

Some of the projects that are part of TMPDIR and that TMPDIR members are working on:

  • The TMPDIR podcast (episodes will be posted soon)
  • The Yoe Distribution: a collection of best practices for building Embedded Linux systems.
  • Simple IoT: A full stack IoT toolkit including: 1) a user facing portal with the ability to assign devices to users and group, 2) package for implementing edge applications in Go, 3) hardware designs, 4) firmware.
  • TMPDIR handbook: a handbook of best practices maintained by the TMPDIR community.
  • TMPDIR legal: A collection of reference legal documents for consultants, product development, NDAs, etc.

Our goal with these projects is to provide:

  • building blocks for products
  • resources to enable collaboration between individuals and companies

These are the ingredients of innovation.