This community now has chat functionality


Discourse Chat has been added to this site. You need to have trust level 1 to use it – ping me if you are not already there, or better post something useful and discourse will automatically bump your trust level :slight_smile:

To use, click on the chat button at the top:

Then you will see a chat window pop up:

Seems pretty nice so far. It has features to edit/delete messages, move then to a topic, etc. Currently only the General chat channel has been set up. We can add channels for the rest of the channels if we feel that is useful.

cc: @trust_level_0

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this is neat feature you discovered here.

Chat seems to be working very well in this forum. I think Discourse is now a fairly good communication tool for teams and communities:

  • chat for building relationships, brainstorming, etc
  • forum topics for preserving knowledge that can be easily searched and expanded in the future

Information can easily be moved from chat to topics, so you get the best of both worlds.

May be a good alternative to Slack.

Notifications seem to be reasonably well done – default appears to be you get email notifications if you have been gone for 15m, but you can change it if you like:

With Discourse, markdown is used in topic posts and chat messages. Just tried in chat:

Even tables work in a chat message!

So this makes for a very nice flow of information:

chat message β†’ forum topic β†’ md doc in Gitea

Since its all markdown, its very easy to migrate information from transient channels to more permanent channels as needed. Low friction is key.

It may not be obvious how to get to a chat channel’s settings – click on the channel name, and then you’ll see something like the below:

After using Discourse chat for several weeks, I think it is a really good chat implementation. The editing/replying experience is as good or better than most other chat clients (I use signal, slack, discord). Slack threads are neat, but I feel they probably hide too much chat information in general. It seems Discourse would be a really good tool for an internal company communication tool, and of course a good community tool. It can really do both with one instance using groups.