The TMPDIR Handbook

One of my customers is trying to figure out how to increase the level of collaboration in their company, and after observing how things are currently done, We’ve started to collect some thoughts in a document we call the handbook. This project is inspired by the the Gitlab handbook and will hopefully be a useful exercise for anyone who contributes, as well as a good reference for companies and organizations who want to improve how they operate. If you are interested, please check out the TMPDIR handbook. Contributions are welcome.

Ideas for future topics:

  • how to use Git
  • how to be an effective Architect or technical mentor

The TMPDIR handbook is now available online at:

We had been generating a PDF using pandoc, but I feel for the purpose of the handbook, an online version is probably more useful as it is more easily referenced than a PDF.

This is a static site generated with Zola. Zola is a great tool – very simple to use and has the built in features needed for what I do without a lot of messing around.

We are generating several other sites using Zola:

Following the Simple IoT docs site, the TMPDIR Handbook is now rendered using mdbook.

Also experimenting with the PDF and ePub backends – they are working, but not sure the result is production quality yet.