The Future of Svelte (Interview with Rich Harris)

Interesting interview with Rich Harris:

A few quotes from the talk:

  • Svelte helps you ship stuff faster
  • we don’t think of Svelte as a Javascript framework, we think of it as a web framework

They also discuss OSS funding models, and Rich thinks for developers to get hired by companies is a good approach as time is his limiting factor, not money. Vercel recently hired Rich so that he can work on Svelte full time.

Svelte is a front-end compiler similar to Elm, only it compiles Svelte files that contain HTML and Javascript (I assume similar to Vue). Compilers bring a lot of advantages including checks at compile time, and reduced bundle sizes.

I’ve never been a big fan of embedded JS in HTML, and thus far have preferred the React/Elm approach where you put HTML in your programming language vs the other way around. But, its obvious that Svelte has a lot of interest, so looking forward to what I can learn from it.