The Awkward Engineer

Had a short chat with the Awkward Engineer today.

He has a done a lot of interesting things and is currently working on something to help with project management.

Also has a sense of humor and seems pretty serious about increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in his life – maybe we’ll see him here some day??? :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in engineering workflow, so will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

I originally ran into this site while searching for BOM solutions.

The following really resonates with me:

My philosophy is that if you’re going to spend that time and effort scrubbing the BOM, you may as well do it in your CAD environment, which can repeatedly and reliably generate BOMs. For each build, I export a top level Bill of Materials from my top level CAD model. The BOM is the source of specification truth for each build, but it flows from the design files.

The CAD / BOM sync problem is resolved by making updates in one place, in CAD, from which the BoM is automatically “synced” for each batch release.

I recently designed a small board for a project and we took a “shortcut” and manually added a part (LED standoff for 8 LEDs) to the BOM. On the 2nd rev, we forgot this, and the PCB was assembled without the 8 LED standoffs – even though this standoff was clearly illustrated on the assembly drawing. This has reinforced by conviction that all parts go on the schematic and the BOM gets generated automatically. The BOM is what manufacturers order to. If the part is not on the BOM, it will likely get forgotten, leading to expensive rework.