Strlcpy added to glibc afterall

There has been numerous requests to add strlcpy() to glibc starting year 2000 ( yes 23 years ago )
the function is used in few packages and it was added to libbsd to provide it for non bsd platforms like linux

LWN has summarized the problem well here

It has been supported on some platforms but not everywhere, here is a list

Finally time has come where its now becoming part of POSIX

and glibc has implemented it starting glibc 2.38+;a=commit;h=454a20c8756c9c1d55419153255fc7692b3d2199;a=commit;h=b54e5d1c9257cf1f55f46613aa438bce8fe73d10

Now we need to fix apps who might have added a version of their own to
fix builds on Linux/glibc :slight_smile:

Oh well !!

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