Some new Yoe kiosk-image Screenshots

@khem has integrated the Yoe logo into the boot splash:

and we’ve integrated the yoe-kiosk-browser to load on startup displaying the Simple IoT UI:

Looks neat !!

If we set

YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-eglfs"

bitbake yoe-kiosk-image

in conf/site.conf then you can see a full screen browser ( no wayland or X11 needed ), now that we opens simpleIOT instance in browser we need to add siot.service as dependency for yoe-kiosk-browser.service, maybe we should add it via a systemd unit drop-ins

with YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-eglfs" (full screen browser, now window manager). This is the profile most embedded devices we work with use – a single UI application running full-screen.

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Hi @cbrake and @khem,

For our new visualisation system, we are looking into the kiosk world for our touchscreen. A lot of search but never found a good solution. You kiosk seems to check every needs we have.
I’m pretty new so my questions might be stupid.

  • Is it possible to build an image for x64 processor ?
  • If yes what do I need to do this and how can I do this?
  • Is there any licence needed to use this ?

Thanks in advance for you reply.


@ArnaudDeClerck welcome to the TMPDIR community.

Other than QEMU, we don’t regularly build for x86, but it should work as Yocto supports x86 machines fairly well.

If you want to use Yoe, then you would need to add a project for x86. Patches welcome :slight_smile:

You can run . to see existing projects supported:

.[0] <project>

Please specify one of the following projects


Yoe and the yoe-kiosk-browser are licensed under OSS licenses, so free to use. It does not look like we have a license specified in the yoe-kiosk-browser repo – will add that shortly – will likely be MIT or Apache2.

Hi @cbrake,

Thanks for the feedback.
Even if i quite understand the structure of the git repo. Adding a project for x86 is above my competence. I’m just an Industrial Automation guy :wink:

I will start by reading the docs and see if i can learn by myself.
Any help on witch direction i need to go will be appreciated :slight_smile:


I like industrial automation – you guys do some amazing stuff – in many ways the apex of systems engineering.

You could install Ubuntu and build the yoe-kiosk-browser under Ubuntu and try it out – should easily build if you install Qt6 dependencies, build tools, and cmake. I think Ubuntu has a kiosk mode (could be wrong). If you like the browser and want a slimmed-down image, then we could try to get something working with Yoe.

Hi @cbrake,

i will try that way and let you know the results. Thanks for the advices.
the slimmed down image would be a nice to have but it’s not critical. I actually only need a way to prevent user to get to the desktop (What Ubuntu kiosk does great) and an integration of a on screen keyboard. That last it’s more complicated in kiosk mode.

That is one nice thing about the yoe-kiosk-browser – the keyboard is integrated into the app, so there is no system work to do. Very simple to deploy if you only need a single GUI app – the browser.

Let us know how it goes – we’re excited to see Yoe technology being used in industrial automation.

That what i was thinking about the yoe kiosk browser. I manage to build it under ubuntu after some modification of the cmake file (Apparently it’s a know bug on ubuntu 22.04, you need to tell cmake the correct directory to find all dependencies). Now maybe a stupid question how i can use the file i get in the build folder ?

I will gladly share the end result :slight_smile:

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there will be a binary created yoe-kiosk-browser you can launch that, perhaps you will need few extra environment variables to set

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

i will try it tomorrow at the office. When launching the binary file from the terminal everything was working. Now I need to figure out how to launch Ubuntu in kiosk mode and launch the yoe kiosk browser as application with the correct settings

But I would say, it’s going the good way :slight_smile:

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We provide some example systemd service files in the yoe-kiosk-browser Git repo for embedded use. You might be able to modify one of these for Ubuntu. The Wayland one might be close as Ubuntu uses Wayland now I think:

Note, there is an EnvironmentFile in the systems unit. This file contains all the configuration for the browser.

# This file should be modified and placed in /etc/default/yoe-kiosk-browser


Replace the @…@ sections with specifics of your application.