Some new Yoe kiosk-image Screenshots

@khem has integrated the Yoe logo into the boot splash:

and we’ve integrated the yoe-kiosk-browser to load on startup displaying the Simple IoT UI:

Looks neat !!

If we set

YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-eglfs"

bitbake yoe-kiosk-image

in conf/site.conf then you can see a full screen browser ( no wayland or X11 needed ), now that we opens simpleIOT instance in browser we need to add siot.service as dependency for yoe-kiosk-browser.service, maybe we should add it via a systemd unit drop-ins

with YOE_PROFILE = "yoe-glibc-systemd-eglfs" (full screen browser, now window manager). This is the profile most embedded devices we work with use – a single UI application running full-screen.