SiYuan PKM (notetaking) system

Another open source notes system out of China – similar to LogSeq:

Github Repo

From the README:

Is SiYuan right for me? Or how should I choose note-taking software?

This question varies from person to person and is difficult to answer uniformly. If you’re not sure if Siyuan is right for you, here are some suggestions:

How does SiYuan store data?

The data is saved in the workspace folder (the default is in the user’s home directory Documents/SiYuan, which can be modified in Settings - About), in the workspace data folder:

  • assets are used to save all inserted asset files
  • templates are used to save template snippets
  • widgets are used to save widgets
  • emojis are used to save emoji images
  • The rest of the folders are the notebook folders created by the user, files with the suffix of .sy in the notebook folder are used to save the document data, and the data format is JSON