Shelly Home Automation products

I’ve experimented with a number of smart light bulbs/plugs over the years and have finally found something I really like in the Shelly products.

Some things I like:

  • open API:
  • support standard protocols like HTTP and MQTT
  • WiFi: it’s not new and snazzy like BLE Mesh, but its simple and makes a lot of sense for home automation where you don’t have 1000’s of nodes
  • built in web UI: you don’t need any extra sw to control/use these – just a browser
  • Shelly phone app and cloud work together so that you can create scenes and control devices remotely – phone app is decent, but not great
  • relatively easy to configure wifi network. The devices start in AP mode, so you simply connect to the AP, open the device WebUI and set the WiFi network. You can also provision devices using the phone app, but this has not been as reliable as the embedded UI.
  • have a nice range of devices: bulbs, buttons, relays, etc. and even an embedded module.
  • supported by popular home automation projects like Home Assistant
  • soon to be supported by Simple IoT

Examples of use here:

  • relays to control lights above our seed starting flats – turn on in morning and off at night
  • installed two of the DUO bulbs in our bedroom that we set to yellow light in evening, and blue light in the morning and are using them for an alarm clock. They turn on dim at first and then full brightness. I like the waking up experience much better than the traditional alarm clock.
  • lights above my office desk that I use for video conferencing/recording. I can adjust the light to be more yellow, which looks better on camera.