Satellite to Browser

The following slide from this recent presentation on NATS caught my eye:

This is similar to the SIOT vision of: “Edge to Browser” real-time data synchronization and NATS makes this possible. This presentation is a really good overview of NATS. Some more notes from the presentation:

  • Satellite to Browser
  • Subjects not Sockets
  • What can we do with subjects?
    • Pub/Sub
    • Req/Reply
    • Streams
    • KV
    • Objects

We really need to learn how to use Jetstream in SIOT.

SIOT expands on “Subjects not Sockets” to:

Data not Subjects!

With SIOT, the data and its structure drive a lot of the behavior. So instead of focusing on subjects, you work with nodes and their relationships.

SIOT does not solve all problems yet (such as streams), but we continue to focus on solving real-world IoT problems and someday we’ll get to streams.

See the following article for more information: