Ruby on Rails: The Documentary

Ruby-on-Rails is a very successful project and framework.


This new documentary traces some of the history of RoR:

I’ve used Rails occasionally in the past, but don’t currently, nor do I espouse David’s approach in everything, but there are fundamental truths that come out of this – conviction matters, as does user experience, simplicity, and the willingness to keep going …

Several quotes:

  • Let the dogs bark, Sancho. It’s a sign that we are moving forward. – Miguel De Cervantes, Don Quixote
  • I saw the code (Ruby) and it looked just like pseudo-code. You know how if you’re trying to explain a programming concept, sometimes you won’t write the exact right syntax. You’ll just write something that more looks like English. And that’s exactly what Ruby looked like. – David Heinemeier Hansson
  • Being inspired by the tools that you use to reach higher than you thought you could, or you were allowed to, or what would be possible is rare and possible and under explored … – Tobias Lütke, founder of Shopify
  • Rails can’t scale …
  • You know what is harder to scale than the performance of webservers? Foundational ideas that scale for 20 years and still feel good. – Tobias Lütke
  • This Ruby approach, this Rails approach, for some people, not all, for most it’s not better, but for some people, it is a hundred times better. – Tobias Lütke