Release page should be ordered by newest to oldest?

I went to yoe release page and had to scroll down to find the most recent release, should the recent release on the top of the page instead of the bottom?

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Hi @Lao_Shaw – welcome to the TMPDIR community!

You raise a good point, it would be nice if we could sort release posts with the newest on top. Since this is simply a forum thread, new posts get tagged on the bottom. One reason we post them here is they get added to ~weekly email that disourse sends out, so its a handy way to send out notifications to interested people about what is going on.

Looking through the options in discourse, I don’t see any obvious way to reverse order of a thread. I think though once you visit the thread once, and come back, it will take you to the bottom where you left off, but I could be wrong. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ll try to pay attention more in the future.