Razer Viper Mouse review

Just upgraded my mouse to a Razer Viper.

This is a “gaming” mouse. Not sure what that means, but I’ve been using small gaming keyboards for years, and really like them – mechanical keys are great, last forever, and provide good feedback when typing.

Some observations thus far on the new mouse:

  • quality seems much better than other mouse I’ve used.
  • is a little heavier than the average mouse which seems better for precise movements.
  • cloth cable cover on USB wire is nice – very flexible and hardly notice it is there. I don’t use wireless mice as I don’t want more batteries to maintain.
  • mouse is very sensitive – much more sensitive than the generic corded MS mice I’ve used for years, so will take some getting used to.
  • movements seem very precise – seems like the sensitivity/precision could be a good thing if I can make precise mouse movements with less hand motion.
  • buttons feel really good.
  • mouse wheel is a little stiff – does not seem like it will be good for a lot of scrolling.

Ambidextrous is important because I use my mouse mostly with my left hand, but occasionally switch to right hand for KiCad as shortcut keys are designed to be mostly used with left hand. I got started with left-hand mouse usage years ago when I broke my right arm on a backpacking trip and was forced to use my left hand for everything for a month or so. After this, I found I preferred left hand mouse usage for the following reasons:

  • mouse is closer to keyboard, so less movement required to reach mouse.
  • right hand gets used more for other things, so it seems good to balance out hand usage.
  • frees up space to right of keyboard for paper/pencil.

I am still using MS mice on my desks here. I dont like the small one’s which dont fit into my palm but others are still ok. I would be interested to learn from your experiences with this mouse and see if its something I should upgrade towards.