Raspberry PI Compute module 4

Raspberry PI has released their new compute module 4. It now uses high density connectors similar to SOMs from Variscite instead of the edge connector used on previous modules.

Options to buy in the US are:

Are we concerned we don’t see Mouser or Digikey?

SEEED might also be an option, but would ship from China.

There are a lot of variants – see the following page:


Is the rPI organization set up to supply all these variants, or will we be left waiting months to get the variant we need?

See previous discussion here.

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baseboard design is in KiCad:

That would provide a nice little head start if you are a KiCad user.

Got the unreleased version of KiCad installed, and loaded up the baseboard design. Looks like a 4-layer PCB:

Looks like some high speed matching:

CM4 only has 1-USB port, so for most systems, an external hub would be required.

I think they promise longer term availability especially for CM versions. see https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/compute-module-4/?variant=raspberry-pi-cm4001000

Obsolescence Statement
Compute Module 4 will remain in production until at least January 2028

Obsolescence is good to note – 7 years seems pretty good, but I suspect i.MX8 would be longer. However, you will pay more per device.

Also, it seems the rPI4 uses PCIe to implement USB3, so it seems USB3 and PCIe are mutually exclusive with this platform.

I started a thread on KiCad forum discussing this design – noting here for future reference:

So I ordered a 4GB RAM CM4 module right after they were announced and kind of forgot about it – 3mo later I get an email from Canakit they the don’t have it in stock, but finally have 1 or 2GB models with no WiFi and offered to substitute one of those variants. I really wondered how rPI/distribution was going to handle all those CM4 variants. While CM4 is interesting, I’m still not confident enough in their distribution model to recommend them – Variscite is probably still a safer bet.

Hardware is here! Now to load up Yoe on it …

should work out of box on yoe…
did you manage to boot it