Photos Killed Android

TLDR: you can copy/paste photos on iOS, but not Android.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I can’t copy photos/images on my Android phone – mainly to post into the TMPDIR community chat (this site). You can only “share” photos. It is interesting that you can do this on iOS.

Being able to share images is an important tool for remote collaboration. On a computer, the KDE Spectacle app is very good – you can quickly and easily capture screenshots in a number of different ways. It has a capable, built-in annotation tool. Being able to share an annotated screenshot is often a very effective way to communicate. Even text is often shared more effectively with a screenshot as you have some context. This is not a perfect solution for everyone (ex: those who are visually impaired), but for team collaboration where you know the recipients, a picture is often worth a thousand words.