✂️ passwordless, anonymous SSH-powered pastebin

This is pretty neat – you can pastebin stuff directly from your terminal:

[cbrake@ceres go]$ cat cmd/siot/main.go | ssh snips.sh
┃ File Uploaded 📤                            
┃ id: 8K8B__XKeF                              
┃ size: 5.0 kB • type: go • visibility: public
┃ SSH 📠                   
┃ ssh f:8K8B__XKeF@snips.sh
┃ URL 🔗                       
┃ https://snips.sh/f/8K8B__XKeF
[cbrake@ceres go]$ 

pretty nice, I use pastebinit you can install it on arch linux with pacman and then I use ~/.pastebinit.xml

        <author>Khem Raj</author>

its certainly not as simple as ssh snips.sh

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