Parting from the documentation team

Some drama in the Nix community. It seems the new documentation site is all about flakes, which is still a WIP. One comment in the thread:


That’s not how it works. Flakes will be stabilized, but not by just dropping the flag. We’ve had productive discussions about this topic in the Nix team recently and I’m not going to let this drama get in the way of that. We will stabilize Flakes step by step, starting with the core abstraction. This will be a new RFC, with a sensible scope this time, to be followed up with further RFCs.

We need to take the community’s feedback seriously.

I’ve not looked at the new doc site yet, but it might be what I need – I’ve not put much time in yet, which is the fundamental problem, but it seems a little confusing how to get started creating or modifying a nix recipe.