Odroid-C4 notes

Did an Odroid-C4 with latest Yoe master, and it boots:

Has output on HDMI port.

The last product we released on this board was the Yoe 2021.1 release:

  • u-boot: 2015.01…
  • kernel: 4.9.241

The Yoe 2023.1 release contains:

  • u-boot: 2015.01
  • kernel: 4.9.312

So not a lot changed in low-level components.

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systemd[1]: Warning! Reported kernel version 4.9.312-odroid is older than systemd's required baseline kernel version 4.15. Your mileage may vary.


yeah we may upgrade to 5.18 can be tried. Last I remeber the TFT LCD drivers wont work with any other other kernel besides 4.9 so that might be a problem.