NuttX RTOS for PinePhone: Feature Phone UI in LVGL, Zig and WebAssembly

This is neat:

Yep today we’ll test our LVGL App in a Web Browser with WebAssembly.

We’ll run Zig Compiler to compile LVGL Library from C to WebAssembly.

(Which works because Zig Compiler calls Clang Compiler to compile C programs)

LVGL also compiles to WebAssembly with Emscripten and SDL, but we won’t use it today.

Why Zig?

Since we’re running Zig Compiler to compile LVGL Library (from C to WebAssembly)…

Let’s write our LVGL App in the Zig Programming Language! (Instead of C)

This illustrates how modern languages and technologies can plug together in new ways. Zig seems to be going places. I really hope it can eventually replace the tooling for MCUs …