Notes on Workflowy

I’ve been using workflowy for awhile now and it is now my notes system. Recently learned that you can organize notes as boards in workflowy – very neat! So this lets Workflowy function as a Kanban type tool (similar to Trello). One thing I still like better in Trello is the ability to include photos and screenshots in a card.

Update 2021-08-09 – Workflowy now has the ability to paste in images.

I really like the ability to paste images into workflowy. Makes it very handy for capturing reference notes and bits from datasheets on various bits of equipment I have laying around here.

One of the features I use a lot in Workflowy is the Ctrl-; keyboard shortcut to bring up the quick Jump to… search box. This makes it incredibly quick to find a note.

To get to Workflowy quickly, I map a keyboard shortcut in KDE to bring the Workflowy app to the foreground. The wmctrl app is what does the work.

So with Meta-Space, Ctrl-; and a few keystrokes I can quickly get to about any note.

Another powerful feature of workflowy is the mirror feature where a node can live in multiple places. This is very useful for organizing information and is also a feature of Simple IoT.