Nicla Sense ME

Looks like a neat sensor board:

This board has four sensors from Bosch Sensortec:

  • BHI260AP motion sensor system with integrated AI
  • BMM150 magnetometer
  • BMP390 pressure sensor
  • BME688 4-in-1 gas sensor with AI and integrated high-linearity, as well as high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors.

I took a brief look at the documentation for the BHI260AP – looks like a very capable device:

When sensors become this capable, we are now faced with the reality that we have a distributed system in the IoT devices we deploy. Rarely is enough thought given to how to manage communication between these components in a device, synchronize state, etc. Can Simple IoT concepts be extended to devices like this?

@collinbrake do you use anything like this in your robotics projects?

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