Marking up screenshots in KDE

Not sure how long this has been there, but the KDE Spectacle (Screenshot) utility has an Annotate button. This tool is quite capable – much quicker and easier than exporting to Gimp to highlight things.

You can see below is has a fairly comprehensive tool suite.

Screenshots are a very power collaborative tool and being able to quickly annotate them is really handy. This is another example where KDE has built in polished tools that no other OS has – even MacOS. A really nice environment for developers.

KDE Spectacle’s Annotate feature continues to impress me. It is so quick and easy to use. The highlighters make it very quick to communicate concepts with a picture that would take many words to describe.


There are pain points with using Linux for a desktop operating system (Linux audio – I’m looking at you!), but there are so many highly optimized features. For developers, the benefits strongly outweigh the deficiencies. Gnome/files is another example – way ahead of default file managers in other mainstream operating systems.