LVGL Dbus interface capabilities

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I am a beginner in this forum; I apologize if I am asking the wrong question here. We are working on the OpenBMC firmware stack and attempting to build an LVGL GUI demo application. We have successfully built and run the LVGL demo application. Now, we need to display sensor information and system-level details such as firmware version. To achieve this, we require a D-Bus interface. Could you please suggest the right direction to accomplish our goal?

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Since LVGL is written in C, you can link to a C library that implements the DBus protocol. From D-Bus - Wikipedia, it appears that GDBus or sd-bus is recommended.

First I’ve heard of OpenBMC – what is an example processor that OpenBMC runs on?

@cbrake Thanks , for OpenBMC firmware stack we use remote management IC AST2600 soc silicon vendor is aspeed arm architeture .

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