Live on head philosophy

With yoe distro we always follow trunk based developement where we make monthly release tags but always live on master. This has been going for almost 2 years and we have managed to make this work with some challanges to fix upstream yocto layers where we could have lived on a long term release branch or something but its time worth spent. It was nice to know that there are other projects who also have same philosophy

We’ve spoken publicly about Google’s internal code base, and our efforts to keep that code maintainable as it grows. With over 250M lines of C++ code and nearly every project building from head, we’ve demonstrated a different approach to software engineering: one largely free of version mismatch issues and one where even the most common libraries can be refactored regularly, and safely. With Abseil we aim to bring some of that experience to the Open Source world.

We believe that the current paradigm for software is inherently unsustainable: dependency management is brutally complex. Unsolvable “diamond dependency” issues are common — the only ways to avoid these are to never change, or to ensure that there aren’t multiple versions. We prefer the latter, so we will do what we can to get you to live at head along with us — if everything is built from source at head, there can be no more diamond dependencies, branch conflicts, and complicated discussions about merge policy. All of that time spent could be spent on more useful things, like actually writing code and solving problems for users. Join with Abseil, and stop paying the content-management tax!

Good stuff!

Arch Linux is another good example of this philosophy – it works very well!

thats right, gentoo is also in there somewhere. but I think arch is just amazing.