Let's Remix Distributed Database Design!

Interesting talk.

TigerBeetle is a high transaction distributed databased optimized for counting things. The primary target is the micro-payments industry.

Joran makes the statement:

Lots of constraints and limits like this, but they end up making the system super simple and fun.

This is so true. In Simple IoT I’ve found that simplifying the data types and structures makes distributed synchronization much simpler. I’ve also heard similar things about the Elm architecture – its model is so simple that its possible to do some neat things with it because you can always count on the architecture being a certain way.

TigerBeetle is written in ZIG – this talk gives some insight into what’s good about the language.

The main message is that Consensus and Storage in distributed systems is best considered as one concern, rather than two separate concerns, and the advantages of VSR (Viewstamped replication) over RAFT.