Keeping SSDs healthy

running fstrim periodically can prolong life of SSDs here is a good how-to

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Noticed this in the Data-Intensive book Iā€™m reading:

  • One study of SSDs found that between 30% and 80% of drives develop at least one bad block during the first four years of operation [18]. Magnetic hard drives have a lower rate of bad sectors, but a higher rate of complete failure than SSDs.
  • When a worn-out SSD (that has gone through many write/erase cycles) is disconnected from power, it can start losing data within a timescale of weeks to months, depending on the temperature [19].

Looks like there is still a place for mechanical disks ā€¦

Iā€™m curious ā€“ has anyone here wore out a SSD yet?

My Macbook is sometimes powered down for weeks at a time ā€“ I wonder if there is any way to tell if SSD is near end of life as it is a pretty old machine (2012)?

I have 1 SSD drive die last year it was doing openembedded builds all the time so it had high write ratio but it lasted good 4 years it was a SATA3

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