Keep your Yocto layer simple! Introducing meta-kiss, a working reference Yocto/OE setup

This is great:

Examples of bad Yocto/OE coding we have seen include: abusing local.conf , ignoring warnings, using an old and unsupported Yocto release, using 3rd-party layers that bring more complexity and problems than benefits, using the Poky distro in production, (ab)using AUTOREV and using a git tag or branch name in SRC_URI . But the list could grow way longer.

It uses Kas, which is becoming quite popular. However, I’m still puzzled why git submodules are not used more – it seems to be a good solution for managing layers.

The Yoe Distribution is similar in that it eschews the complexity found in most vendor-supplied Yocto setups, but adds a few useful things for building real products: