KataOS from Google

KataOS was published by google on github recently

It is based on seL4 microkernel, it uses musl ported to seL4 runtime environment. Seems to be supporting arm/aarch64/x86/riscv ports right now.

Its implemented in rust almost entirely, I guess a good start for a security focussed software.

It will be interesting to see when CAmkES framework is made available in due course, since that will help in assessing the userspace capabilities when it comes to 3rd party apps.

To prove-out a secure ambient system in its entirety, we’re also building a reference implementation for KataOS called Sparrow, which combines KataOS with a secured hardware platform. So in addition to the logically-secure operating system kernel, Sparrow includes a logically-secure root of trust built with OpenTitan on a RISC-V architecture. However, for our initial release, we’re targeting a more standard 64-bit ARM platform running in simulation with QEMU.

hopefully it will be of some consequence and get some traction in OSS ecosystem :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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I now view any new product announcement from Google as completely untrusted. I would never recommend anyone build a hardware business around any software product from Google. They have an absolutely horrible track record with just about everything.

Hopefully I’m wrong!

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With Google, it’s best to rely on technologies from them that they need themselves to operate – like Go.