Kas setup tool for bitbake based projects

Read an article recently about the Kas setup tool.

Having worked on a OpenEmbedded build template, I’m also interested to see what other have done.

From what I can gather, some attributes of Kas:

  • is maintained by Siemens
  • you specify a project manifest in a YML file. Here is an example

I tried to build the above eu-terminal-distro, but running into a few problems. The YML repo file seems cleaner than a Repo manifest, but it is still not clear to me what advantage the Kas tool has over something simpler like Git submodules and the Yoe distribution build template.

One thing Yoe tries really hard to do is not create yet another abstraction over top Yocto. It is rarely effective to add another layer of tooling to solve problems in the existing layer of tooling. Yoe is more about organization, testing, and defaults rather than tooling. We try to use existing bitbake/OE mechanisms as much as possible. If we need any additional scripting, we tend to use shell functions defined in envsetup.sh. This way everything is very readable and stays with the project and it is easy to maintain your product over an extended period of time (we have products that have been maintained for more than 10 years). With external tools like Kas, you now depend on an external tool that needs to be maintained/versioned external to your build directory.

it was earlier written to build stuff using bitbake so a wrapper around OE build system. I think it serves its purpose as a build space setup tool which OE severely lacked back then, I dont think it particularly it intereresting in current context.