Kairos -- frictionless time tracking your team and beautiful invoices

Do you need a tool to track time for a distributed team and easily generate invoices? Kairos is a tool that generates beautiful invoices from time log files stored in Git. This makes it easy for your team to log their time using their standard tools (Git/Text Editor) and then generate HTML invoices using a simple template. Advanced reports can be generated using hledger.

I wrote this tool after looking at many other options and concluding there has to be a better way. Having recently switched to hledger command line accounting, this seemed like a logical step. It is simple, fast to run, and easy to customize.

Even if you don’t do hourly billing, there are many benefits to tracking how time is spent. If you don’t measure it, it isn’t easy to improve it – this is especially important for time management.

Been using it for ~1.5 years.

this is very handy tool, best for time tracking I have ever used. I have been using it for past 1+ year.

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