Javascript Bundlers

One of the realities of doing web/frontend development is likely the need for a Javascript bundler at some point. Webpack is the old standard, but is notoriously complex and can be slow. New options like esbuild and parcel 2.0 offer some interesting features.

esbuild is written mostly in Go!!!


There are various reasons for this, but the end result is it is fast.

I noticed in the Parcel 2.0 release notes, the JavaScript compiler is now written in Rust:

:rocket: Massive performance improvements, including a new JavaScript compiler written in Rust, and a more parallelized architecture that takes advantage of all of your CPU cores.


Very interesting – that Javascript and writing their compilers in statically compiled languages now.

Parcel requires very little configuration as it parses the Javascript files and figures what packages/modules are needed by simply looking at the Javascript code. There are also plugins for other languages like Elm.

heh rust to rescue :slight_smile: