Javascript browser crashes

I’m probably doing something wrong, but I occasionally need to do stuff like the following when I encounter a browser crash in Javascript:

- => {
+    if (!u.orgs) {
+      return t;
+    }
+ => {

It’s not a huge deal, but often we only see these with production data that contains older data that may not have all the fields populated (data is in MongoDb) on early entries. This project uses Meteor and has been in production for quite a few years. Overall, Meteor has been a great experience – it has enabled us to build a very responsive, real-time UI that we otherwise would likely have not been able to do. Meteor has been stable, and has given us few problems, so not complaining. However, this helps us see the value that Elm and SQL databases bring. We’ve actually started implementing some of the more complex frontend components in this project in Elm. That is working fairly well.