In my research with KiCad database integration, I discovered Inventree, which appears to be a fairly full-featured inventory and build management system.

Perhaps the most interesting is the integration with the upcoming release of KiCad 8.0:

So I spent a little time testing Inventree. It took perhaps 30m to set it up locally and run it.

I created a resistor part, adding a few parameters and a few manufacturers:

This all seems fairly well done.

I then tried another project which will fetch data from various suppliers and populate Inventree and KiCad with data:

kintree installs via pip and runs as a local GUI application. The connection to Inventree must be configured:

Then you do a part search:

And then go through the InvenTree and Create options. The result is a populated part in Inventree with the supplier and manufacturer populated.

That is pretty neat, but no parameters came in like tolerance, power, etc.

I still need to test mouser/digi-key integration – perhaps those pull in more params … and then test integration with KiCad 8.0 when that is released – should be soon.